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Governor Walker issues new ad accusing Burke of $25 million dollar mishap

Kyle Maichle July 28, 2014 12
Governor Walker issues new ad accusing Burke of $25 million dollar mishap

MADISON – The campaign of Governor Scott Walker issued a new campaign ad on Monday accusing former Commerce Secretary Mary Burke of a botched deal that may put taxpayers on the hook for $25 million dollars.

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The ad called “Bondoogle” expands off an earlier ad issued by the Walker Campaign that blasted Burke for engaging in a deal with Abbott Laboratories valued at $12.5 million in an attempt to create jobs in Wisconsin.   The lot of vacant land that was part of the deal remains vacant to this day according to the campaign ad and at the end accuses Burke of putting the state on the hook potentially for $25 million as the federal government wants the money back.

Walker Campaign Spokesman Tom Evenson said: “Even seven years after Mary Burke left the Commerce Department, Wisconsin taxpayers are still paying the price for her carelessness with their hard-earned money.  Taxpayers are already out more than $12 million because Burke wouldn’t follow the rules, but now they’re being asked to pony up even more to repay the money she threw away on a vacant lot that still sits empty.”

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Wisconsin Election Watch contacted the Burke Campaign for comment, but they did not respond to our request.

  • Larry Kiz

    Walker is blaming Mary Burke for the $12.3 million dollar land deal that
    failed to materialize any jobs. The land is worth more today than it
    was when it was purchased. Yet the Talgo train deal is not only one of
    the biggest financial blunders in the state’s history, but ranks high
    for its utter cluelessness. And its says volumes about the governor’s
    judgment. Talgo is now suing the state for $65 million for the state’s
    reneging on its Talgo contract, and Wisconsin has to foot the bill for a
    multimillion-dollar maintenance facility and handicap accessibility
    upgrade at the Milwaukee station, all of which would have been covered
    by the $810 million federal grant.

    • RandyZ

      The land is worth more today than it was when it was purchased”

      REALLY? Abbott bought 500 acres for $35 million and Burke bought 40 acres for 12.5 million (with a loan the Feds want back now because nothing happened). Sounds like a typical Democrat “good deal”. If that land is worth more now, I have some swamp land for you. Now that nothing has happened there, the business opportunities that this purchase was designed to BLOCK are now gone. Those jobs, and company taxes are gone with them. They did not discuss it with the company, they just bought the land thinking they could give it to Abbott and they would move. What an absolutely stupid way of doing business. I guarantee you they would NEVER do anything like that if it was THEIR personal money. But hey it’s only taxpayer money .

      A train that nobody would ride and would over time continue to cost us more us much more than the 65 mil (despite the fact that it was Doyle and Burke that made that stupid deal) made the decision by Walker to cancel it a very wise decision. The fact that we are being sued (if in fact we are) is all on the shoulders of Doyle and Burke going against the will of the people of the state in pursuing the train to begin with (not to mention all the multi million dollar studies paid to cronies all coming out of our pockets). As to the $810 mil grant… is that free money? NO because I pay federal taxes too. The spending has to stop, needs to stop with ALL the federal leeching and I am sure it came with all kinds of caveats and wink wink deals where about 5 people walk away millionaires for doing nothing.

      • Larry Kiz

        Randy, Do you know the difference of $875 million and $12.5 million. Wisconsin taxpayers are on the hook for over $865 million because of Walkers poor judgments with the train. That’s a hell of a lot more than the $12.5 million that you blame Burke for. The $810 million was there for the taking and it went to California. How smart is that? Your federal tax dollars went to another state. If your OK with that, I’m not. The land is still there and it still has value.

        • RandyZ

          That is an out and out lie! Wisconsin took a pass on $810M federal dollars so first we are not on the hook for ANY of that. We ARE on the hook for Mary Burke’s $12.5M since it never came to fruition due to poor planning and decision making. Let’s take a look at how trains are working in other states. FAILURES and tax dollar funnels! You would be riding that train all by yourself while the taxpayers of WI would be paying for 90% of yor ticket price! It would cost more in the long run than it is worth. We already have that train now – it is called AMTRAK and that is a tax dollar funnel too.

          I am NOT happy that CA got the $810M dollars. Yet another failing and bankrupt Democrat run state stealing my tax money. Funding for these failing, feel good projects needs to be stopped at the Federal level.

      • Larry Kiz

        Backwards hillbillies like you Randy is why Wisconsin is failing. I bet you have never been on a train and are still attached to your mothers apron strings. We need people in Wisconsin who have new ideas to get good jobs going. The train was a wonderful idea and Wisconsin was getting federal dollars for it. Walker pissed it all away. He wasn’t even smart enough to negotiate with Talgo after the fact and now Wisconsin is being sued for $65 million. What a genious!

  • Larry Kiz

    Another example of wasted taxpayers money by Walker.”In May WEDC was slammed by the federal Department of Housing and Urban
    Development for misappropriating $10 million in federal funds.” Walker’s pet
    project is wrongly & dishonestly using the taxpayers money to reward
    his campaign donors?” Mary’s land is still available while WEDC lost more money and NO jobs..

    • RandyZ

      Why don’t you tell that to Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha), who sits on the WEDC Board. Hold him and the rest of the board responsible. Since companies want growth opportunity, then obviously they would support Walker and as such companies would receive the funds from WEDC because it is money set aside for “Economic Developement” after all. It is not dishonest or wrong to reward companies for creating jobs in WI which is the main purpose of the WEDC. BTW what is Burke running on again? Other than I am not Walker? Will she repeal Act 10?? She is deceptively refusing to say either way. Typical!

  • Tom

    Larry , I would like to ask you about this train dea,that being would that have helped you in your job . I don’t work nor plan to work in St. Paul ,Madison , Milwaukee or eventually Chicago, so I don’t need to buy a train. The last I have heard or not heard is how the train business is doing,Have you?

    • Larry Kiz

      “Tourism” is and historically has been part of the history of trains. You bring in tourists and that brings in money. Money brings in jobs.

      • RandyZ

        Just like Amtrak is SO fruitful? It is a dollar siphon sucking them straight out of our pockets. While you are on the train talking (to yourself) you will be able to hear the echo due to the cavernous emptiness from the lack of other passengers. This train is just another dollar sucking, feels good, Democrat idea that will also fail.

  • Tom

    Larry that is why there is the train museum in New London,and it is not supported by tax payer money but by tourism

  • kenvandoren

    Several questions come to mind. WHY is HUD putting up this money in the first place? Where in the constitution is that authorized (A- it is not.)

    WHY did we have previously a Commerce Dept. that put tax dollars into private development? RE: WEDC, same question. Evidence abounds that when the political process is employed for economic development, often the developments are NOT economic. Much money is and has been spent for political rather than economic purposes. We did a lot better economically when the government played a far smaller role.