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6th District Congress: Stroebel loans himself $350,000, Grothman leads on cash raised

Kyle Maichle August 1, 2014 0
6th District Congress: Stroebel loans himself $350,000, Grothman leads on cash raised

SHEBOYGAN – Late Thursday evening, the pre-primary campaign finance reports for Republican candidates in the 6th Congressional District were released.   It ended up with Duey Stroebel loaning himself $350,000, and Glenn Grothman holding the lead on total cash raised from July 1st to the 23rd.

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During the reporting period, Grothman raised $94,931.36 compared to the $76,595.35 raised by Joe Leibham.  Duey Stroebel only raised $12,800 during the reporting period but loaned himself $350,000.  The Stroebel Campaign currently has $691,939.99 of outstanding loans and debts reported during the campaign cycle so far.   When looking at cash on hand, Stroebel has $262,720.05 on hand, while Grothman has $159,621.25, and Leibham has $171,363.73.  Additionally, Grothman loaned himself $90,000 during the pre-primary reporting period.

In an official statement, Leibham said: ““Since announcing my candidacy, I’m honored and humbled by the amount of support I’ve received from the residents of the 6th Congressional District who have invested in my vision for a better America.”    Grothman Campaign Spokesman Brandon VerVelde said: ““The momentum in this race is clearly behind our campaign. This is a huge victory for Glenn Grothman and a stunning defeat for the Leibham campaign. Meanwhile, Duey Stroebel is facing fierce backlash on conservative talk radio over his ridiculous attack ad against Grothman, with Charlie Sykes calling the ad ‘repugnant and dishonest’ and Mark Belling saying the ad is ‘a load of crap.’  It’s become crystal clear that Glenn Grothman is the front-runner and favorite to win this race. We hear every day from voters responding to Glenn’s positive message and his proven, conservative record.”

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Stroebel Campaign Manager Steve Rebillot said: “The numbers show that Duey is well-positioned to win the election.”