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Glenn Grothman slams Leibham over accepting money from a trade union

Kyle Maichle August 1, 2014 1
Glenn Grothman slams Leibham over accepting money from a trade union

CAMPBELLSPORT – On Friday, 6th District Congressional candidate Glenn Grothman (R-Campbellsport) slammed Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) for accepting a maximum limit contribution from a progressive trade union.

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According to records from the Federal Elections Commission, Leibham accepted $5,000 from the Laborers Union International North America (LIUNA) PAC on July 15, 2014.   The LIUNA was very evident during the 2011 protests against Governor Scott Walker over Act 10 which was upheld by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court and the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

The LIUNA has 500,000 members that are represented in the construction, education, government, and law enforcement sectors.   Some of the projects that the LIUNA has undertaken include the sliver line expansion of the Washington, D.C. Metro to Dulles International Airport, constructing the ballpark for baseball’s Washington Nationals, and rebuilding the new World Trade Center complex in Washington, D.C.

Grothman said: “I am shocked that my opponent would accept campaign cash from this far-left union that was part of the siege on our State Capitol back in 2011. This group donates by the millions to Democrats and left-wing politicians, including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Tammy Baldwin, and Russ Feingold.  It’s truly disturbing that my opponent actually used this liberal union’s cash to run ads talking about how much he supports Act 10.   This is a classic status-quo politician move. Saying one thing while doing another,” added Grothman.”

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Leibham said in response: “The Laborers support Joe because of his work with Governor Walker to invest in infrastructure development projects (roads, pipelines, etc) and Joe’s strong support for moving forward with the mine supported by Walker for Northern Wisconsin. Many trade unions have begun shifting more of their support away toward Republicans in recent years, including Governor Walker, because of our focus on job creation in the face of opposition from radical environmentalists in the Democratic Party.  Let’s also be clear about the Laborers: They are willing to support conservatives and conservative goals as well.”

The Leibham Campaign also pointed out in an official statement that the LIUNA donated money to the Republican Governors Association, along with Congressmen Paul Ryan and Sean Duffy.

Stroebel Campaign Spokesman Steve Rebillot said: “Senator Leibham has a long history of accepting money from special interests – including the money he received from his recent fundraiser in Washington – this donation is not surprising.”












  • Duke

    I find it interesting that Grothman, a carpetbagger from another congressional district who can’t find a whole lot of financial support, knocks Leibham for taking money from a political interest fund. Why hasn’t Mr. Foghorn Leghorn Grothman gone after Stroebel, the mud-slinging stooge, for being a millionaire and just buying himself a seat in Congress?