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Welcome to VoteWisconsin, your trusted source for accurate and up-to-date information on elections in the great state of Wisconsin. Our mission is to empower voters by providing them with unbiased, non-partisan information about the electoral process, candidates, and ballot measures. We believe that an informed electorate is the backbone of a healthy democracy, and our vision is to ensure that every citizen in Wisconsin has access to the knowledge they need to exercise their right to vote effectively.


VoteWisconsin was founded in 20xx by Zachary Bryant, a dedicated political activist with a passion for democracy and civic engagement. Concerned by the lack of easily accessible information for voters, Zachary set out on a mission to create a platform that would make it effortless for every Wisconsin resident to make informed choices at the ballot box. After months of research, gathering a team, and analyzing the needs of voters, VoteWisconsin was born.

Founder – Zachary Bryant

Zachary Bryant, a Wisconsin native and prominent figure in local politics, envisioned VoteWisconsin as a one-stop solution to the informational challenges faced by voters. With the goal of transcending the political divide, Zachary’s deep commitment to democratic principles drives the ongoing development of the website. Drawing upon his expertise in civic education and engagement, Zachary leads the team at VoteWisconsin, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the content provided.

The Need for VoteWisconsin

In today’s information age, it can often be overwhelming for voters to discern fact from fiction, understand the complexities of electoral processes, and be aware of crucial deadlines and regulations. VoteWisconsin seeks to address these challenges by consolidating reliable information into a user-friendly format available at your fingertips. Our dedication to objectivity ensures that the information you find on our website is unbiased and non-partisan.


The primary objective of VoteWisconsin is to serve as a comprehensive resource for voters to access information about elections taking place throughout Wisconsin. We aim to demystify the electoral process by providing clear and concise information on candidates, ballot measures, voter registration, and other relevant topics. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the participation and confidence of every eligible voter in the democratic process.

Target Audience

VoteWisconsin aims to reach every eligible voter in the great state of Wisconsin. We cater to citizens of all ages, backgrounds, and political affiliations. Whether you are a first-time voter unsure about the registration process or a seasoned participant in the democratic system looking for detailed information about candidates, VoteWisconsin is designed to serve your needs.

Our Unique Value

What separates VoteWisconsin from other election information platforms is the dedication. We have assembled a team of experienced, highly skilled editors and team members who are passionately committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in the information we provide. We understand the importance of a trusted source of unbiased information, where voters can make well-informed decisions void of political biases.

At VoteWisconsin, we believe that democracy thrives when everyone is empowered with the knowledge to make informed choices. Join us as we strive to promote a more engaged and informed electorate, amplifying the voices of Wisconsinites everywhere.

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